Omex Ceramic guarantees that its products undergo internal and external laboratory testing to establish a level of technical characteristics that complies with the regulations currently in force.

The website also features a section containing the specifications that Omex Ceramic declares for each of its collections (please see "technical data sheet").

Regulating bodies

The creation of the single European market and the ensuing globalization mean that businesses today find themselves facing numerous international standardization and legislation issues. ISO, International Organization for Standardization, which lays down the ISO standards applicable worldwide. UNI, Italian Organization for Standardization, which publishes international standards nationally and establishes nationally applicable standards. \ Whether it is determining the classification of products, their characteristics and the methods used to quantify them, or deciding the sampling and monitoring criteria, and the eligibility requirements, these standards are essential to protect the interests of consumers, facilitate communication and understanding of the symbols, improve international trade, and to compare the performance levels of individual products made by different manufacturers. Standards for ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are divided into groups according to the way in which they are made and their water absorption (E). Production method,

Group A, extruded tiles Group B, dry pressed tiles Group C, tiles manufactured with other processes